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jQuery Activ’map - 2.0.0 (Sep 26, 2017)

Replace the following files and execute the queries in your SQL manager to perform the updates.

The path of the css file have changed: old theme is now "skin classic".


New path for default skin (classic)

/jquery-activmap/css/skin-classic/skin-classic.css (old jquery-activmap.css)

New skin (compact)

/jquery-activmap/css/skin-compact/skin-compact.css (layout)
/jquery-activmap/css/skin-compact/activmap-dark.css (default grey/red color scheme) 
/jquery-activmap/css/skin-compact/activmap-dark-blue.css (grey/blue color scheme) 
/jquery-activmap/css/skin-compact/activmap-light.css (red color scheme) 
/jquery-activmap/css/skin-compact/activmap-light-blue.css (blue color scheme)

Map positioning improvement 
New options "AllowMultiSelect" (possibility to select multiple filters)
New option "center_icon" (icon of the center position)
New option "unit" (km or mile)


New icons (markers)