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4 Steps of Inbound Marketing Process

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STEP 1: Build a successful marketing strategy

The questions you should ask yourself?

  • What are your objectives, your goals?
  • Who are your competitors and how are they positioned?
  • Who is your customer? What are their needs?
  • How can we get there?
  • What will it cost? How much should you invest in your marketing plan?

STEP 2: Create and manage a powerful website

What is an effective and powerful website?

Your website should use up-to date technologies.  As your entire visual identity, your website is the first thing your customer will discover: it should have a professional appearance. As Google is the undisputed master of web positioning, you have to perform a search engine optimization (SEO ready) to make your website well positioned. The systematic use of mobile devices spreads all over the world, a website should not be only ergonomic but also responsive (mobile friendly). An easy-to-use manager panel is also essential to update easily the content of your website: updates should be frequent.


STEP 3: Generate more traffic

Increase the traffic of your website and, thereby, multiply the opportunities to convert the visits into deals.

How to get more visitors on your website?

  • Create a Blog
    Blog articles allows you to spread interesting content for your customers, generate more pages, so more opportunities to be found in the search engines! Generate 55% more traffic with a blog!
  • Social media
    Place “like”, “share”, “recommend” buttons and links in your blog posts, and be present in social networks conversations. Businesses get 63% more efficiency by using social media.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Identify the targeted keywords of your branch of activity, select the more efficient keywords (low competition but sought) and optimize the content of your website (pages, blog post) for those keywords, build quality links.
  • Keywords campaign
    You can optionally create and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns using your targeted keywords. You need to know a campaign should be optimized and managed regularly to be efficient.

STEP 4: Convert traffic into leads and sales

Place attractive offers in your website to encourage potential buyers.
Build pages which describe the offers with a form to collect information of the customer. Once the form submitted, the user receives an email to access to the offer.

Send timely marketing emails and newsletters to your contacts and send advertising messages specifically designed for your different contacts.