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jQuery Activ’map
Stores locator, Responsive Gmaps

The perfect plugin to research and locate custom services and equipments in a city, among other things, Activ’Map is a JQuery plugin using the Google Maps API V3 and Bootstrap 3.x which display a map with markers sorted by categories.

Based on HTML5 – CSS3 – Bootstrap 3.x – JQuery – Google Maps API V3


  • Ready to run without Bootstrap if needed
  • Accordion panels contains checkbox filters (tags) which shows or hides the associated places in a removable panel and the corresponding markers on the Google Maps.
  • Click on a place to focus on the marker on the map and vice versa.
  • The markers can be clustered if too numerous. The system is fully responsive so the removable panel displays itself or not according to the device.
  • Remove or add your own categories, tags and places as many as you want!
  • Define the center of the map by simply inputting the latitude and the longitude.
  • Customize your map with Snazzy Maps
  • Custom marker icon for each place
  • JSON support
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